Now known for the person responsible for bringing Bogey Ballton and the world of Scooter Pines Golf and Country Club to full life color, Kenneth Templeton was born in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1962. He went to college at the University of Virginia where he graduated with a BA in History

Kenneth's interest in art started early. He started painting around the age of 13 and was always fascinated at painting the world around him. He sold his first piece at the age of 14 for $300.

Kenneth's painting style is considered "precision realism". He has won numerous awards for his art, most recently The Irving Sandler Selects show at the Prince Street Gallery in New York City. His paintings are currently on display at the Greenleaf Gallery in Duck, NC and Carteret Contemporary Art/Vision Gallery in Morehead City, NC.

Now that Kenneth has added childrens book illustrator to his resume, look for plein aire paintings, miniatures and surrealistic paintings in the future. You can see his artwork at

Kenneth currently resides in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with his wife, Krista.