"The future of golf depends on the involvement of children in the game.
-Jimmy Roberts Emmy Award winning sportscaster NBC Sports and Golf Channel
"As someone who is passionate about junior golf, I feel Dottie Pepper and Scott Fuller have created a unique and engaging story for any parent looking to bond with their child and share with them the game of golf and the values it promotes."
-Vikki Vanderpool, 2009 PGA Junior Golf Leader
"This is one children’s book that adults will love too!”
-David K
Bogey Tees Off is a wonderful, comical book that teaches, respect, responsibility, ball flight, importance of knowing the Rules, Biblical Truth, being truthful & never forgetting where you come from, Spanish, colors, golf terms and parent discussions. Thank you. I was the person that approached you at the PGA Show in Orlando, Fl. and said, "I saw a woman on t.v. this morning and she was talking about this book!" You said, "That was me!!" Hahaha, thanks again for this great book!
-Niki Reed
What an AWESOME book!! I bought this book yesterday from Scott Fuller who co-authored it. This is the first book in a series for children. The book is written in a fun, witty manner which captivates and successfully holds the child's attention as well as the parent's, while instilling important lessons about life itself.
This is a must have book! GREAT job Scott!!
-Tracey Warren Sackett
Dear Miss Pepper,

Aloha! My name is Millburn Ho and I am writing to thank you for publishing the book "Bogey Tees Off ". I am a junior golfer and have been golfing for 7 years. I am in the 4th grade and 10 years old. I am homeschooled because i can have more time for golf and can travel more for golf competition. view the entire letter and drawings !

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-Millburn Ho, Junior Golfer
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